Sunday, March 29, 2009

A tray of cuppies 28.3.09

Srikandi AGM 28 March 2009

Untuk memeriahkan lagi Mesyuarat Agong, Srikandi telah mengadakan Jumble Sale. Dan cikna cakes pun muncul ........

Carrot Cupcakes for Dr. Musalmah 28 March 2009

Dr. Musalmah, srikandi 73 datang mengambil Carrot Cake dan Carrot Cupcakes untuk adik dan family gathering. Terima kasih kerana sentiasa memberi sokongan. Tapi lupa nak ambil fato The Big Carrot Cake.

Choc Moist Cakes for Cik Hawa 27 March 2009

Cik Hawa was delighted when I told her that I'm gonna start baking again. So on friday 27th March I sent 10 Choc Moist Cakes to SM aminuddin Baki. I was proud to see my ex CBN staff there. Pn Latifah as the Pengetua, Pn. Zakiah and Cik Hawa. Semuanya dah jadi orang penting. Tahniah.

26 March 2009

These cuppies were sent to SMI Gombak for teachers' meeting. Thank you cikgu....

For KOJUTA 23 March 2009

Happy Birthday Raiyyan 24 March 2009

When we were on holidays Raiyyan's mummy mentioned Raiyyan likes Thomas and Friends. So I delivered Thomas Cuppies for his 4th birthday. Cik Na doakan Raiyyan akan panjang umur dan hidup Raiyyan akan sentiasa diberkati Allah. Amin......

Jumble sale for Gaza 21 March 2009

After our Aqidah Class organized by Srikandi Batch 74, a jumble sale was held. The items were donataed by the "students" of the class. And Siti ordered some cuppies for makan2.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kelas Aqidah at Teratai Sari 21 March 2009

Jumble sale at Aqidah Class organised by Srikandi Batch 1975 at Teratai Sari. Collection for Gaza

Ayu and Aris at Art Work 19 March 2009

Ayu and Aris wanted to learn cake decorating. I taught them the technique and did a few samples. Then they started to do their own. Their first .....

The Day After ...... 18 March 2009

Recived a call from Cik Pah asking for a Big cake. I still remember you said ...... Pah ni antik, tak puas makan cupcake, I want to cut a piece of cake before I makan . How sweet of you .....

Cakes for Cik Pah and Cik Ani 17 March 2009

During the school holidays CiK Pah invited Cik Ani, Lina and I to have a chit chat by the swimming pool at KGPA. They ordered some choc cuppies for their kids and I brought a few pieces for tea. Thank you Cik Pah for your thoughtfulness.

Glossy Lipsy - 3 March 2009

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